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UEFA-safeguarding.eu is a digital platform, developed in partnership between UEFA and Terre des hommes Foundation, providing a central online information and learning resource aiming at enhancing the knowledge, skills and practices in football to build capacity for creating safer football environments so that all children who play football are kept safe from any form of harm or abuse. 


This platform is dedicated to:

  • Any professional working directly or indirectly with children in football settings (clubs, NFAs, UEFA etc)
  • Any expert on the topic of child safeguarding in sport/football 
  • Any person interested in the topic of child safeguarding in football

The page is tailored to the needs of partly sighted and blended people. 


This platform is created to assist UEFA’s member associations and all stakeholders working to safeguard children in football in Europe. The content of this platform was developed by UEFA and Terre des hommes and input were received from multiple sources from national associations in Europe, as well as other organisation’s safeguarding policies and guidelines. Accordingly, it reflects:

  1. UEFA’s and FIFA’s commitment to safeguarding children in football
  2. The interest of national football associations in strengthening child safeguarding measures, as well as the needs expressed by those working with children in football settings. This is supported by the result of the wide consultations with all national associations representatives during several project events. 

People working with children in football settings asked to be supported in improving their level of knowledge in child safeguarding. More specifically, the platform responds to the following needs:

  • the need for a specialised virtual place, gathering the key strategic and operational documents, events and developments related to child safeguarding in sport and more specifically, in football.
  • the need for specialised capacity building activities tailored to the specific context of child safeguarding in football. 
  • the need for a facilitated professional exchange and sharing of good practices on child safeguarding. 
  • the need for a safe space to raise questions, issues and suggestions relevant to child safeguarding in football and receive peer advise or external expert view.


This platform is designed to answer the issues noted above and is structured around 3 main components: ABOUT, LEARN, and CONNECT. 

ABOUT provides: 

  • Information about UEFA and Terre des hommes partnership
  • Information about the platform and how to use it 
  • Contact form

LEARN offers users the following resources: 

  • News from the field of child safeguarding in football and other sports
  • The UEFA child safeguarding toolkit for member associations and its templates
  • A library of thematic resources collected from national associations and other relevant sources/information providers 
  • Online courses on child safeguarding in football developed by UEFA and Tdh (only registered users can take the courses)
  • Other e-learning courses relevant to the topic of safeguarding 
  • Webinars on topics of interest

CONNECT invites visitors to create an account and provides registered users with the following advantages: 

  • Opportunity to take all online courses developed by UEFA and Tdh, and receive a certificate for each completed course
  • A forum for questions and suggestions
  • Only for UEFA and National Associations staff (users registered with the professional email):
    • Networking opportunities with the other members 
    • The possibility to set up and maintain close communities of specialists tackling more sensitive issues (i.e. the community of child safeguarding focal points representing national associations)


The platform is hosted on a responsive webpage, offering the opportunity of access both through personal computer and mobile phone. 

Depending on your level of interest or your organisational affiliation, the platform offers three types of experience.

I’m interested in the topic, but I don’t want to create an account

Everyone has access to news, the resources in the library, the UEFA child safeguarding toolkit and open webinars. We keep our platform updated with the latest news and resources, so we invite you to visit it regularly.

I would like to enhance my knowledge on child safeguarding, but I’m not working for UEFA or a National football association in Europe.

Improve your knowledge with the four UEFA online safeguarding training courses. To take the courses, you must sign up. You will receive a certificate upon completion of each course. Being a registered user will also give you access to forum discussions and some UEFA webinars.

I’m working for UEFA or a National Football Association in Europe.

You’re in the right place! Please register with your professional email address. This will give you full access to a range of e-learning as well as in-depth online training courses and webinars. Advanced learning is available for coaches, child safeguarding focal points and staff. A certificate will be issued after completion of the training.  You will be able to get in touch with the online community, network and forum and share best practice.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. That is why this platform is a closed space for members .

At a later stage, specific online communities will be created, which you may join by sending a request to the facilitator of the community. This additional verification stage is needed due to the sensitive topics and contents that might be discussed or approached within communities, i.e. the community of child safeguarding focal points. 

You can log in or create your account here.


The UEFA-Safeguarding.eu is designed and managed in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Please consult our Privacy Policy for further information. For any question regarding data protection, you may contact dpo@childhub.org