The Gibraltar FA: Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility

  • The Gibraltar FA

The Gibraltar Football Association, in collaboration with the English Football Association, has produced a series of documents to assist all its stakeholders in developing safeguarding policies, sending the clear message that safeguarding is everyone's responsibility! The Child safeguarding toolkit for UEFA member associations served as guidance in this process. 

This child safeguarding policy is a sign of the Gibraltar FA's commitment to ensuring that football is both fun and safe for all children to participate in, irrespective of their age, ability, or level of involvement. The policy is centred around five goals, or areas for action that will underpin the association's work to prevent any risk of harm to children in football and to appropriately respond.


  • GOAL 1: Laying the foundations for safeguarding
  • GOAL 2: Ensuring organisational preparedness and prevention
  • GOAL 3: Raising awareness
  • GOAL 4: Working with others and reporting concerns
  • GOAL 5: Measuring success in safeguarding 

For a more in depth read and to download all documents, please visit the website: 

Gibraltar FA Safeguarding officer Julian Valverde stated: “It has been a very busy summer for the association as we have revamped a lot of our working practices. Safeguarding has featured heavily, and we are pleased to announce our new safeguarding policy together with all the accompanying annexes to help our membership in this very important field”.

Gibraltar FA General Secretary Ivan Robba said: “ As a parent of young children myself, safeguarding has always been at the forefront of my thoughts when discussing youth football. In consultation with the GSLA, we have embarked on a new venture with UEFA, to provide our members an online platform to qualify in safeguarding. This by no means is the end of the instructional phase, as I am conscious of the benefits of face-to-face interaction. Therefore, we will continue providing personal development to our members by bringing out safeguarding guest speakers to carry out seminars on a biannual basis”.

The Gibraltar FA has also launched a campaign to raise public awareness of everyone’s role in safeguarding children as well as to highlight the association’s commitment to safeguarding. Watch below the first two videos of the campaign.

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