Standing Committee Policy Strategy on Spectator Violence (2014-2016) [Council of Europe]

Council of Europe on Spectator Violence

The Council of Europe Standing Committee on Spectator Violence (the standing committee) believes that a multi-year policy strategy is needed to set out a coherent roadmap for the mid-term.

The standing committee decided to assess the implementation of its policy strategy (2014-2016), in particular by identifying the goals that were reached, those that were not, and what needs to be improved. By publishing the result of this analysis, the committee wishes:

  • to demonstrate its commitment to transparency and accountability to member states and other stakeholders;
  • to build upon the lessons learnt, using the results of the assessment as a reference when drafting the upcoming multi-annual policy strategy;
  • to raise awareness of the committee’s achievements, the relevance of its work and the way states can further benefit from it.

After recalling the Council of Europe vision and the standing committee mission statement, this document presents a thorough assessment of the 10 strategic objectives it has pursued over the last three years as they appeared in the Standing Committee on Spectator Violence (T-RV) Policy Strategy 2014-2016 (cf. document T-RV (2014) 14 rev).