Child empowerment/ child participation

A global conference on children and young people’s participation in safeguarding

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) not only includes the right for children to be protected from violence, it means that children have the right to have their opinions taken into account in matters that affect them, including on the development of child safeguarding measures.

Organisations that do not consult with children to identify child abuse risks or when they are developing or evaluating safeguarding measures are not only failing as duty-bearers, they will inevitably have a less robust child safeguarding framework in place.

Video: MOVEMENT, GAMES & SPORT Action! [Terre des hommes]

Movement, Games and Sport is a non-formal methodology of education, developed by Terre des hommes Foundation, that aims to develop the professional and personal competences of the animator,  in order to increase the psychosocial and emotional abilities of the children and young people.

MGS is based on learning by experience and participation ( feedback) and has as main objectives to develop cooperation versus competition and social inclusion versus any type of exclusion and discrimination.

UNICEF helps children with disabilities in sports activities [Video]

UNICEF and the Olympic Committee for Children with Disabilities signed a co-operation agreement on the inclusion of children with disabilities in sports activities.

This cooperation agreement provides comprehensive and inclusive sports activities, direct health services and early childhood development for 6-8 year olds and young people with intellectual disabilities.