UEFA online course: Involving children in child safeguarding in football

Children have the right to freely express their views and participate in decisions that affect their lives (Art. 12 and 13 of the Convention in the Rights of the Child). Adults working with children in football therefore have a responsibility to encourage and support children’s participation. This includes efforts to keep children and youth safe while involved in football.

Best Practices Guide on Keeping Children Safe in Sports

The Guide was produced in the framework of the "Keeping Children Safe in Sports" project. Its aim is to document the process of how sports organisations and summer camps can introduce and successfully implement child safeguarding policies within their organisations. The publication is based on interviews with Romanian and Greek professionals, who went through this process in the project. 

Webinar series: Up your game, strengthen your squad! [Council of Europe & European Union]

Join a series of webinars organised by the Council of Europe to find out how different countries in Europe have set up their child safeguarding strategies and roles.

Effective child safeguarding policies are essential to prevent and respond to any form of violence and abuse in sport. In particular, the creation of the Child Safeguarding Officer role can strongly contribute to ensure that children are always in a safe, positive and empowering sport environment.

Пакет по защите детей для ассоциаций-членов УЕФА [Russian]

Пакет по защите детей в европейском футболе был разработан УЕФА в сотрудничестве с организацией Terre des hommes, чтобы помочь ассоциациям-членам УЕФА защитить и уберечь детей от ненадлежащего обращения и реагировать на возникающие проблемы. Учитывая тот факт, что многие национальные ассоциации уже реализуют правильные принципы и, процедуры, а также проводят соответствующее обучение, этот пакет был создан по результатам развернутых консультаций с национальными ассоциациями и экспертами.