Child safeguarding

See something, do something! Responding to harassment and abuse in sport. A Safe Sport Allies international webinar

"Everybody in the gym saw it, but no one did anything! I was so confused." (a survivor)

Sports professionals from Europe are invited at an international webinar about responding to harassment and abuse in sport. This is a Safe Sport Allies international webinar.

Protecting children in football, the objective of a Royal Spanish Football Federation program in collaboration with UEFA

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is developing, together with UEFA, a program for the protection of children in football, to work towards the creation of safe spaces for underage athletes. As part of the development process of this program, a working meeting was held this Thursday, 2 February 2023, at the Ciudad del Fútbol in Las Rozas, with the attendance of different coaches from youth national teams. 

The Albanian Football Association and Terre des hommes Albania sign a cooperation agreement for the protection and safety of children in football

On 9 February 2023, the Albanian Football Association (AFA) and Terre des hommes Albania (Tdh) signed a cooperation agreement in the field of child protection in football, in line with UEFA's initiative to develop national child protection policies for each of its 55 members. The agreement comes as a continuation of the previous collaboration to improve the quality of child protection in football, including Tdh's contribution to the drafting of two important documents of the AFA: the child protection policy in football and the code of ethics.

The Albanian Football Association and Terre des hommes Albania conduct training on child and youth protection in football

In December 2022, the Albanian Football Association (AFA) in partnership with Terre des hommes Albania organised a training session on “Child Safeguarding in Football”. Since a long time, the AFA has been committed to developing and implementing its policies for the protection and preservation of the safety of children in football, also based on the guidelines of UEFA and FIFA.

Ahead of World Children's Day, UEFA hosted the first Summit on Child and Youth Protection in Football

The first UEFA Child and Youth Protection Summit took place on 17-18 November in Tubize (Belgium), at the Royal Belgian Football Association's (RBFA) new headquarters. Forty-nine UEFA member association’s child and youth protection officers were joined by keynote speakers of the European Commission and the Council of Europe, as well as leading researchers and experts in child and youth protection.

The Gibraltar FA: Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility

The Gibraltar Football Association, in collaboration with the English Football Association, has produced a series of documents to assist all its stakeholders in developing safeguarding policies, sending the clear message that safeguarding is everyone's responsibility! The Child safeguarding toolkit for UEFA member associations served as guidance in this process. 

UEFA vaikų saugumo užtikrinimo nuotoliniai kursai [Lithuanian]

UEFA, bendradarbiaudama su „Terre des hommes“, pradėjo vaikų saugumo užtikrinimo futbole projektą, kuriuo siekiama padėti UEFA asociacijoms narėms ir kitiems suinteresuotiesiems subjektams sustiprinti žinias ir įgūdžius vaikų saugumo užtikrinimo srityje.

Projektą sudaro vaikų saugumo užtikrinimo priemonių rinkinys ir keturi nuotolinio mokymosi kursai. Nuotolinio mokymosi kursai skirti visiems su vaikais futbole dirbantiems arba šia sritimi besidomintiems asmenims.