Boîte à outils sur la sauvegarde de l’enfance pour les associations membres de l’UEFA [French]

La boîte à outils sur la sauvegarde de l’enfance dans le football européen a été conçue par l’UEFA et Terre des hommes pour aider les associations membres de l’UEFA à protéger et à mettre en garde les enfants contre les abus ou les actes de violence et pour apporter des réponses à toutes les questions éventuelles.

Webinar recording: Understanding sexual offending and the grooming and entrapment process [NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit]

The NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) has released the recording of the webinar discussing sexual offending and the grooming and entrapment process, looking at what this means for the sporting environment and outlining actions organisations can take to address the risks of child sexual abuse within sport.

Procedures for engaging online with under-18s for coaches/managers [English Football Association]

The FA encourages the appropriate use of social media to help run your teams and leagues, communicate with players (via their parents/carers when under-16), and appoint referees, log results and much more.

Whatever way we communicate with children the safeguarding principles remain the same. Retaining boundaries is just as important online as it is offline.

If you have a role in football then always make sure communications to children are relevant to your role – focus on the football, don’t share personal info or comments.

"Up to Us" FIFA Guardians

This is a toolkit developed by FIFA, for its member organisations in order to establish guiding principles and minimum rquirements that will help leaders and organisers in football to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for children. The toolkit is part of FIFA's overall committment to safeguard children and will be supplemented with further guidance, templates, knowledge-sharing and training to support members.